What Does the Future Hold for Testing and Credentialing?

Global Futurist Jack Uldrich

August 8: Global Futurist Jack Uldrich to present his research on the future of testing and credentialing

​Today, Global Futurist Jack Uldrich will be in Washington, DC addressing leaders in the testing and credentialing industry. Uldrich was invited to give the keynote at Alpine Testing Solutions' Thought Leaders Exchange 2017 meeting. 

His keynote, The Big AHA, will cover "Awareness of the top ten accelerating technological trends, how Humility is necessary when considering the possibilities of the future, and how to cultivate and deploy 'strategic experimentation' as a fundamental component of any Action plan."

"The work I do is all about helping organizations prepare for the coming technological changes so that they can effectively navigate and determine the course of their future."

Jack Uldrich, Futurist Speaker

In his fascinating, informative, and interactive presentation, Uldrich — hailed by BusinessWeek as "America’s Chief Unlearning Officer" — will also explain what technologies will impact their future.

He will delve into how the technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, changing demographics, Big Data and Analytics, the Internet of Things, and new Online Learning platforms could affect test development and credential management technology in the coming decade.  

Jack is an ongoing contributor on emerging technologies and future trends for publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired Magazine and BusinessWeek.

Parties interested in learning more about Jack Uldrich, his books, his daily blog, or his speaking availability are encouraged to contact him via his website.

Source: Jack Uldrich & The School of Unlearning