Thinking Differently About the Future Can Transform Organizations in the Present

Global Futurist Jack Uldrich

Acclaimed Futurist Jack Uldrich to share his insights on future trends in a variety of industries this month, including manufacturing, utilities, construction, wealth management, insurance, banking, and information technology

​​​​​​Prolific speaker and author Jack Uldrich will be traveling from coast-to-coast to speak at ten events this month. A highly-regarded speaker on emerging trends and the opportunities and challenges they create, he will be addressing leaders in a variety of industries about how they can "future-proof" their organizations. 

Uldrich says, "Thinking like futurists revolves around these basic tenets: understanding the trends transforming the world of tomorrow; taking action in the face of uncertainty; developing an appreciation for humility and embracing the concept that unlearning is as important as learning when it comes to future trends."

Powered by rapidly emerging and converging technologies, the world today is changing faster than ever. These changes are happening worldwide, and not one of the industries I address is immune to the shifts.

Jack Uldrich, Futurist & Founder of the School of Unlearning

Some of the game-changing technologies and trends that Uldrich believes organizations should begin familiarizing themselves with today include advancements in blockchain technology, genomics, artificial intelligence, robotics, renewable energy, virtual and augmented reality, the sharing economy, nanotechnology, and autonomous vehicles.

Most importantly Uldrich wants his audience members to adopt open mindsets and to begin acquiring the tools to create the future themselves.

In his customized presentations, Uldrich reminds leaders that a big part of future-proofing is recognizing that "business-as-usual" may not be an acceptable strategy in the future. With this in mind, Uldrich encourages leaders to consider the following: "You can either be humble about the future or be humbled by the future."

According to Uldrich, "Powered by rapidly emerging and converging technologies, the world today is changing faster than ever. These changes are happening worldwide, and not one of the industries I address is immune to the shifts."

His scheduled events this month include:  

October 2: Private Event  

October 3:  Future Trends in the Utility Industry - Dominion Energy - Richmond, VA

October 10:  Future Trends in Manufacturing - Cross Manufacturing Symposium - Richmond, VA

October 11: Future Trends - Secure Cash Transportation Association - Chicago, IL

October 14: Future Trends in Information Technology - ACT-IAC - Philadelphia, PA

October 18: Future Trends in Insurance - Marshberry - Las Vegas, NV

October 23: Future Trends in Building and Construction Industry - Ryan Construction - Minneapolis, MN

October 23: Future Trends in Health Care - HCSC - Dallas, TX

October 25:  Future Trends in Wealth Management - Wells Fargo - Des Moines, IA

October 30:  Future Trends in Banking - Stanford University - Palo Alto, CA

Uldrich is a frequent speaker on technology, change management and leadership and has addressed corporations, associations and not-for-profit organizations on five continents. He speaks over 100 times each year, specializing in the transformation of health care, agriculture, education, energy, finance, retail, and manufacturing. 

To learn more about Jack Uldrich, his books, his blog, or his speaking availability, please visit his website.

Source: Jack Uldrich & The School of Unlearning