Jack Uldrich to Present "The Big AHA" in Wealth Management

Jack Uldrich

The School of Unlearning Founder, Jack Uldrich, will address a leading financial services firm in Charleston, SC.

 According to the CFA, "The profitability of the private wealth industry has been declining, and the industry is now at a critical juncture. Its future will be determined by its willingness and ability to meet the challenges or opportunities posed by today’s digital world and to reassess its approach to client relationships, beginning with a thorough understanding of what really matters to private wealth clients."

Futurist Jack Uldrich makes it part of his mission to help prepare the financial management and accounting industries for those technological challenges and opportunities. 

"Every business leader feels it and knows it--the world is changing at an accelerating pace...and they need to be willing to take action in the face of less-than-perfect information."

Jack Uldrich , Global Futurist

Today, in Charleston, Uldrich will address a private wealth management firm with his keynote, "The Big AHA: How to Future-Proof Your Business." The emphasis of the talk will be on the future of financial services and wealth management.

Uldrich says, "Every business leader feels it and knows it — the world is changing at an accelerating pace. Business models are shifting, consumer behaviors and preferences are evolving swiftly. In such an environment, it 's hard to look ahead to the next quarter, let alone the next year. Still, business leaders must position their companies for continued success."

His answer to how to position themselves for success lies in his acronym, AHA. It stands for Awareness, Humility, and Action.

"Organizations must strive to enhance their awareness of changes on the horizon; have enough humility to acknowledge that what served the business well in the past might not be sufficient tomorrow, and they need to be willing to take action in the face of less-than-perfect information," says Uldrich.

Business leaders are often unwilling to “unlearn” certain things about their industry. “In fact, we may not even realize we have anything to unlearn,” he said. Uldrich explained the reason so many businesses experience disruption isn't simply because they didn't see the change coming; it is because they couldn't let go of their assumptions soon enough, in other words, they couldn't unlearn fast enough. 

Think: Blockbuster, Borders, and RIM (BlackBerry). In each case, the companies held on too long to old ideas about customers' preferences, the strength of the prevailing business model or the true nature of their competition. “What might you need to unlearn today to succeed tomorrow?” he asks.

Uldrich suggests: “If you broaden your awareness of the periphery, stay humble about the need to unlearn and become an active thinker, you will come to your ‘A-HA’ moments and better position yourself and your organization for the future.”

Following his talk in Charleston, Uldrich will head to Arizona where he will deliver a keynote at to the World Presidents Organization in Sedona, Arizona at the Soul Fuel Conference.

Jack Uldrich is the author of 11 books, including "The Next Big Thing is Really Small."  His other written works have appeared in The Wall Street JournalBusinessWeekThe FuturistFuture Quarterly ResearchThe Wall Street ReporterLeader to LeaderManagement Quarterly, and hundreds of other newspapers and publications around the country. He is also a frequent guest of media worldwide, having appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and National Public Radio on numerous occasions. 

For more information on Jack Uldrich's speaking, writing, and workshops, please visit his website.

Source: The School of Unlearning


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