Jack Uldrich & Jeff Appelquist Lead Fresenius "Into the Unknown"

Jeff Applequist & Jack Uldrich leaders of "Into the Unknown"

Futurist Jack Uldrich and Jeff Appelquist of Blue Knight Leadership are slated to take a group from the Iowa-based medical company, Fresenius, on a 3-day initiative to help the group anticipate change and develop leadership skills by emulating Lewis and Clark's daring journey into the Northwest Territories in the early 1800's.

Every organization, whether they like it or not, will head into the unknown at some point.

For that express purpose Jack Uldrich, author of "Into the Unknown: Leadership Lessons from Lewis & Clark’s Daring Westward Expedition" and Jeff Applequist of Blue Knight Leadership Seminars have been partnering for six years taking business leaders on expeditions based upon Lewis and Clark's adventure in Great Falls, Montana.

Although Lewis and Clark were old school military men, they were very forward thinking. They arranged a diverse team, including a native American woman, and they were flexible when it came to discipline. They emphasized encouragement and reward over punitive measures.

Jack Uldrich, Futurist

The Minneapolis-based businessmen share experience being former military officers and lovers of history. Uldrich is a futurist, consultant and founder of The School of Unlearning. Appelquist is a lawyer and former Target and Best Buy manager. Both men are also award-winning writers. Their partnership as co-leaders of this experiential learning program has been a fruitful one.

What makes this expedition relevant today?

"Lewis and Clark took rational risks, hedged their bets, and sometimes went backward to take stock. When they reached the headwaters of the Missouri, they fully expected to see a river that would lead them to the West Coast," says Uldrich. "All they saw were hundreds of miles of mountains. Just think about it--the hotel industry is facing the metaphorical "mountains" of collaborative consumption based companies such as Airbnb and VRBO, and the taxi industry is confronted by a real showdown with Uber and Lyft. There will always be challenges, and for those, the leadership lessons provided by Lewis and Clark, are timeless."

He continues, "For organizations and corporations looking to take advantage of tomorrow’s unknowable environment and who are interested in both discovering their future and creating it, this is the perfect leadership and training seminar. "

This experiential leadership program has been conducted with clients in the agriculture, banking, utility, insurance and medical devices industries and is tailored for any organization wishing to participate. 

For more information on this event, Jack Uldrich, or any of his upcoming engagements view his website here.

Source: The School of Unlearning


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