From Phoenix to Montreal: Acclaimed Futurist to Speak at Eleven Events in the Month of February

Futurist Jack Uldrich

Best-selling author Jack Uldrich to keynote eleven events in the U.S. and Canada this month.

Following an event-filled January, futurist Jack Uldrich announced his February schedule of events throughout the United States and Canada. He will be presenting his insights on the future of a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, real estate, transportation, healthcare, agriculture, financial services, global supply chain, and construction.

"Powered by rapidly emerging and converging technologies, the world today is changing faster than ever," says Uldrich. "These changes are happening worldwide, and not one of the industries I address is immune to the shifts."

When it comes to future-proofing the first thing organizations need to do is to acknowledge that the future will be different — perhaps radically different — than the present.

Jack Uldrich, Futurist and Founder of the School of Unlearning

When it comes to future-proofing, the first thing organizations need to do is to acknowledge that the future will be different — perhaps radically different — than the present.

Uldrich, who is the founder of The School of Unlearning, dedicates himself to helping businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations prepare for and profit from periods of profound transformation.

According to Uldrich, "New advances in technology bring forth exciting discoveries every day. But often lost in this new reality is the fact that organizations must unlearn old, obsolete knowledge and old ways of doing business before they can seize tomorrow’s opportunities."

Uldrich has addressed Fortune 100 corporations, venture capital firms, associations, not-for-profit organizations and state and regional governments on five continents. His client list includes the National Association of Manufacturers, Verizon, IBM, Cisco, American Public Power Association, Siemens, Eaton, the European Association for International Education, and Thrivent.

Uldrich's February speaking engagements include:

Feb. 6: Future Trends in Pharma - Private Client -  Montreal, ON

Feb. 7: Future Trends in Real Estate & Commercial Development - Excelsior Group - Minneapolis, MN

Feb.12: The Future of Transportation - NATSO - Nashville, TN

Feb. 13: Future Trends in Healthcare - Symphony Health - Phoenix, AZ

Feb 15: Future Trends in Agriculture - Private Client - Louisville, KY

Feb. 19: Future Trends in Financial Services - Wings Credit Union - Minneapolis, MN

Feb 21: Future Trends in High Tech - Minnesota High Tech Association - Minneapolis, MN

Feb. 23: Future Trends in Real Estate/Commercial Development Urban Land Institute of Arizona - Phoenix, AZ

Feb 26: Future Trends for CIO’s - Gartner - Phoenix, AZ

Feb 27: Future Trends in the Global Supply Chain - Private Client - Minneapolis, MN

Feb 27: Future Trends in Construction - Mortenson Construction - Minneapolis, MN

Jack Uldrich is an acclaimed global futurist, compelling keynote speaker, and best-selling author. His past works include, The Next Big Thing is Really Small: How Nanotechnology Will Change the Future of Your BusinessJump the Curve: 50 Strategies to Help Your Company Stay Ahead of Emerging Technology and, most recently, Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow.

To learn more about these events, his books, blog, or his speaking availability, please visit his website.

Source: Jack Uldrich & The School of Unlearning