A Deliberately Different Future for the Utility Industry

Energy Futurist Jack Uldrich

Renowned Energy Futurist Jack Uldrich will address Wabash Valley Power in Indianapolis, IN.

Global Futurist Jack Uldrich says, "The future often has a funny way of turning out differently than most people expect." 

The difference between expectations about the future and reality have been the cause of significant disruption in numerous industries.

The Utilities Industry is poised for an extraordinary change in the years ahead--what has served the industry well in the past won't be sufficient for remaining competitive in the future.


Regarding "expecting the unexpected" in the utility industry, back in 2009 Uldrich said, "It is conventional wisdom that the world’s energy needs will grow significantly in the years ahead and the only way to meet this growing need is to build more coal and nuclear power plants. This future may come to pass but what if Smart Grid technology, LED lights, real-time pricing, and home networks dramatically reduce energy usage?"

Fast forward to 2017, the trends he mentioned in 2009 are dramatically reducing energy usage.

Uldrich is now asking, "What if the abundance of electrical power—and not its scarcity—is the greatest problem facing the industry in the future?

Is the Utility Industry is prepared for such a future? He says, "The time to begin thinking about these accelerating changes is not in a few years. The time is now."

Today, he will deliver a keynote on the future of the industry for the Wabash Valley Power Association in Indianapolis, IN. They bill themselves as "a deliberately different kind of electric company."

Uldrich will discuss with them how emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Wearable Devices, the Internet of Things, and new Blockchain Technology could impact utilities in some unexpected ways. 

As a leading energy futurist, Uldrich has addressed dozens of service associations. He has delivered customized keynote presentations to the American Public Power Association, the Northwest Public Power Association, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Wisconsin Public Power, San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern Company, Northwestern Energy, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Idaho Power, Northwestern Energy, and the Western Energy Institute.

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Source: Jack Uldrich & The School of Unlearning